Coal & Energy

Coal and Energy set as the backbone for the infrastructure development in the globe. It is a matured volume based trade where the success relies on integrating every individual entity in the value chain. Our long term off-take arrangements with reputed mines gives us an edge with continuous supply of cargo at competitive price to Indian and South East Asian markets. With the help of representative office in India, supported by the operations team on the ground, we manage and control the complete shipment process on adhering to the contractual quality control and to the timely delivery.

We target a wide spectrum of Coal products to suit various buyer’s requirements. The Indian subcontinent and South East Asia are our main target, being strategically located, where we focus on sectors that include thermal power plants, Cement plants, Sponge Iron industries and paper industries. With the capacity of the team on the ground in the sourcing area, we are strategizing to source cargo from few mid size miner taking the advantage of pricing without compensating the contracted quality and timely delivery.

We are also planning for stock and selling in India to cater small size and medium customers, associating with logistics company for the delivery of cargo in buyer’s premises thereby to provide the full value chain to the customer.

Product Range

  • Low Grage coal targeting private merchant power plant in India.
  • Medium/High Calorific/High Sulphur coal for cement plants and steel plants.
  • Sale of Coal Concessions targeting end users for long term supply purposes